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Change log:
Version:1.8.5 on May 18,2021, Add continuous wave sample function.Add delete sample data function for specific point and delete one sample data function.
Version:1.2.3 on March 18,2019, Fix bug:If Auto sample is not stopped, and Auto Collection is not set to true in the Settings, the App will crash when relaunch it.
Version:1.2.2 on March 15,2019: 1)Add Temperature Sample function for Hardware ivs101, 2) Data can be upload to local FTP Server.
Version:1.2.1 on Oct 25,2018: Fix two bugs:1)It doesn’t show on web after upload data from History List,
2) The data which are collected manually will be uploaded twice.
New feature: History data list will show data value column.
Version:1.2.0 on Sept 28,2018: Fix two bugs:1)Alarm info does not work for Auto Collection,
2)The first view still show binded sensor info even if unbind.
Version:1.1.9 on Sept 18,2018:Automatic acquisition optimization。
Version:1.1.8 on July 18,2018 : Small change on Sample View, adapt to X8.
Version:1.1.7 on June 28,2018: Fix the bug that data does not display on main view in Auto sample mode。
Version:1.1.6 on June 19,2018 : Fix not found Bluetooth hardware issue if the Android version > 7.0.
Version:1.1.5 on June 12,2018 : Support Blasting mode. Blasting mode only works on Hardware Version is greater or equals 1.05.
Version:1.1.4 on May 15,2018 : Improve the manual Sample speed, adding “Run as Startup” option on Settings .
Version:1.1.2 on March 20,2018 : Fix the PK and RMS calculate issue for Acceleration point.
Version:1.1.1 on December 12,2017 : Fix the connection issue when do Sample.
Version:1.1.0 on November 24,2017 : Show hardware version info on About page,optimize manually remove data function.

Portable Vibration Analyzer

A portal vibration analyzer is combined of a wireless vibration sensor , and a handheld mobile device. Wireless vibration sensor collects vibration signal from power-driven equipment, and an android APP does signal processing and rich display, showing real-time reliable mechanical or bearing state of testing device, and has analysis and evaluation function also.



  • Reliable and fast wireless data transmission (BLE), no wiring problems.
  • Small size, lightweight, hand-held, easy to carry
  • Multi-channel, compact 
, support XYZ three-direction monitoring
  • Multi-point automation for faster data collection with standard 
vibration measurements
  • Low-power design, long time work without changing the battery or charging
  • Vibration sensor can be adsorbed on the surface of testing device through a specific magnetic seat
  • Handheld mobile device comes with APP as data acquisition and display unit
  • APP has vibration analysis function

Vibration collection and analysis APP

main menu all_1 main menu all_2

The sampling length, sampling frequency ,speed, sensor type can be configured.

Data processing
Multiple parameter can be calculated base on the original data: PK,PK-PK,RMS, Margin,Kurtosis, etc. The overrun data can be alarmed.
FFT Spectrum analysis
A variety of display methods, including: histogram, result table, result bar,waveform,spectrum and so on.
A variety of optimized algorithms, accurate noise reduction capabilities, identify potential problems hidden trouble.

Trend analysis
The app not only show the trend of the vibration value, but also show the trend of the following parameters: PK,PK-PK,RMS, Margin,Kurtosis and other parameters.
The data storage capacity depends on the storage capacity of the mobile terminal device. Tens of thousands of integrated vibration signals, FFT spectrum and time waveform data can be stored.

Low power consumption
Wireless vibration sensor can work up to 1.5 years with no charge.

App installation

Please scan the QR code to download.

Vibration Analyzer App

Hardware Parameters






Parameter Table:

Items Value
 Channel 3
 Acceleration Range 16 g
  Velocity Range 70 mm/s
  Frequency Range X,Y: 10~1600HZZ: 10~550HZ
 Sampling Interval Configurable
 Protocol    BLE
 Antenna Built-in
 Battery Built-in
 Power consumption    3mA (while taking data and use of BLE)7μA(idle)
 Battery life 1.5~2 years
 Temperature Range -40℃~85℃