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Vibration Analyzer App Android Package:  Please click the link to download

Change log:
Version:1.8.5 on May 18,2021, Add continuous wave sample function.Add delete sample data function for specific point and delete one sample data function.
Version:1.2.3 on March 18,2019, Fix bug:If Auto sample is not stopped, and Auto Collection is not set to true in the Settings, the App will crash when relaunch it.
Version:1.2.2 on March 15,2019: 1)Add Temperature Sample function for Hardware ivs101, 2) Data can be upload to local FTP Server.
Version:1.2.1 on Oct 25,2018: Fix two bugs:1)It doesn’t show on web after upload data from History List,
2) The data which are collected manually will be uploaded twice.
New feature: History data list will show data value column.
Version:1.2.0 on Sept 28,2018: Fix two bugs:1)Alarm info does not work for Auto Collection,
2)The first view still show binded sensor info even if unbind.
Version:1.1.9 on Sept 18,2018:Automatic acquisition optimization。
Version:1.1.8 on July 18,2018 : Small change on Sample View, adapt to X8.
Version:1.1.7 on June 28,2018: Fix the bug that data does not display on main view in Auto sample mode。
Version:1.1.6 on June 19,2018 : Fix not found Bluetooth hardware issue if the Android version > 7.0.
Version:1.1.5 on June 12,2018 : Support Blasting mode. Blasting mode only works on Hardware Version is greater or equals 1.05.
Version:1.1.4 on May 15,2018 : Improve the manual Sample speed, adding “Run as Startup” option on Settings .
Version:1.1.2 on March 20,2018 : Fix the PK and RMS calculate issue for Acceleration point.
Version:1.1.1 on December 12,2017 : Fix the connection issue when do Sample.
Version:1.1.0 on November 24,2017 : Show hardware version info on About page,optimize manually remove data function.


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